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Bassan is a highly-skilled, highly-experienced team of professionals specializing in user experience. We build vast custom digital maps, bringing a sense of adventure to every challenge.

Our story

Why Bassan?

Our name is inspired by that of a graceful, sharp-eyed seabird—the bassan (gannet in English). Bassans are outstanding flyers. Gliding high above the sea with eyes fixed on a target, their every move is calm, precise, instinctive. Then they swoop…

Like the bassan, our mission is to survey and dominate a vast territory (digital in this case), never losing sight of the goal, ready to zero-in on high-quality targeted solutions.


Building on over a decade of experience, driven by a timeless instinct

Founded a decade ago, Bassan offers a wide range of UX services, including research, user-centred design, knowledge transfer and support, as well as assessments of the user-friendliness and efficiency of interactive solutions.

Our goal is to build bridges between the needs of organizations and those of their target audiences through clever, intuitive interaction systems. We achieve this by providing our clients with a wide range of UX solutions of the highest quality.

Our quest for the best continues to guide us every step of the way.

Our story

A human-centred business from the get-go


Making it solo

After working for over 15 years in various organizations, Alain Robillard-Bastien decided in 2011 to take the risk of going out on his own, founding Ergoweb. Fun fact: the company’s name is a blend of the words “ergonomics” and “web”—a term he had been using since the 90s in a training course. Since “ergoweb” was omnipresent on his website at the time, the term already had a strong organic search index.


What happens in Vegas...

Contrary to the popular expression, what happens in Las Vegas doesn’t always have to stay there. It was at a UXPA conference in that city that Alain met Gabrielle Granger.

After some stimulating discussions about user experience, they begin working on a number of UX research and evaluation projects. As the usability industry grows, they discover the full extent of each other's skills and how much they complement one other.


Birth of a team

In 2016 it becomes official: Gabrielle and Alain decide to partner up and develop Ergoweb. This proves to be a good decision. They hire their first team members to meet the growing demand. With more and more projects coming in, the need for proper office space becomes pressing and the company puts down roots. Once a one-person venture, Ergoweb is now a full-fledged UX consulting agency.


Reaching new heights

"By 2018, Ergoweb is becoming a key player in the world of UX in Quebec and Canada. The company fine-tunes its service offering, hires new staff, forges alliances and garners major projects from businesses in Quebec and elsewhere.

Catherine Dionne joins the team. She is tasked with formalizing processes and taking the agency’s management to the next level. Mission accomplished! This period of re-organization enables Ergoweb to respond to the increasingly complex needs of clients with strategic projects, where management quality is as important as outstanding service delivery. The business world is complex and Ergoweb is equipped to adapt to the different organizational realities of its clients."


Exploring new terrain

In 2020, Ergoweb participates in Parcours Innovation PME Montréal as a stimulant to its creativity and in search of new ways to grow. This important exercise leads Gabrielle and Alain to a realization: they are eager to hone and expand their skills. They revisit Ergoweb’s positioning and identity to prepare the company for a new phase of growth. Over the next few years, the focus of the two partners is on redefining the brand and service offering. During this time, digital transformation projects boom, keeping the entire organization busy, enabling it to achieve some very ambitious development targets.


Bassan: a new concept takes flight

Bassan was officially launched in early 2023. The essence of Ergoweb can still be strongly felt in the new corporate alignment. Its soul is infused in the brand, which is trusted and enduring. This new identity offers services tailored to the strategic needs of organizations, with a strong focus on collaboration in the areas of customer experience and user experience.

For our clients, Bassan is a highly competent, well organized and approachable ally and business partner. Our mission is to pave the way to simple, clear and pleasant experiences.

A team of experts with an approach that is always focused on collaboration.
Every project we undertake is undertaken together, from start to finish.

Alain Robillard-Bastien

President and Partner

Founder and partner of Bassan, Alain is a respected, well-known UX consultant. With over 25 years of experience working in user experience, his expertise has contributed to numerous successful service strategies.

Alain’s winning formula consists of well-thought-out actions, coupled with a success-oriented attitude. He is not afraid of tackling the important and complex challenges that come with many projects. Over the years, he has developed a holistic view of the user experience and customer experience.

Alain has expanded his expertise beyond screens to the systemic and organizational aspects of the field. He thus leads Bassan by guiding clients and being an active participant and collaborator in their endeavours. The key to success in UX/CX is not only expertise, but also the quality of the relationships between the various stakeholders—essential in maintaining a profound understanding of the business issues at hand. And this is an area in which Alain excels!

" Hurry up and take your time." - Yves Sanssouci

Gabrielle Granger

Vice-President and Partner

Gabrielle has been a partner at Bassan since 2016. Passionate about understanding the human spirit, she has been conducting user research and user evaluation projects for over 10 years.

Her talent in UX research, and her extensive knowledge of user behaviour and psychology, enable Gabrielle to propose effective solutions that highlight companies’ added value. Her unique sensibility and determination to delight clients with her solutions are invaluable assets to the Bassan team.

“When you are face to face with a difficulty, you are up against a discovery.” - Kelvin

Catherine Dionne

CX and Operations Director

CX and Operations Director at Bassan since 2018, Catherine Dionne stands out for her managerial talents and impressive skills in analyzing human behaviour. A certified UX manager, she has been managing teams and large-scale projects for over a decade.

Catherine knows that a user experience goes way beyond screens and must be ingrained throughout an organization’s services and internal processes. With a background as a strategic consultant, plus outstanding skills acquired as a UX/CX specialist, she can support you in choosing and implementing the best strategies that align with your corporate reality. That’s the key to success!

"Ideas are cheap and abundant; what is of value is the effective placement of those ideas into situations that develop into action." - Peter Drucker

The Bassan method

Maximize innovative experiences while minimizing risk—that’s what our highly effective and proven four-step methodology helps you achieve.

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