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Staying up to speed with industry best practices enables you to keep up with the biggest players and profit from their example. In a fast-paced industry, Bassan’s consulting services are invaluable in helping you maintain the pace.


Understanding best practices

When are they used?

At all times, to keep on top of the most successful processes in the industry.


Gather information on best practices in user experiences within a given industry or area of activity.

Saving time by learning from the best.

What does it involve?

By comparing various organizations and platforms, we can identify different methods used to carry out a given activity. We then make an informed judgement on the quality of the experiences being offered and identify best practices, so that your solution will stand out as effective and user-friendly.

Best practices

How we do it

Analyze the competition

Over a number of weeks, we look at the solutions being proposed by companies in your industry. The purpose of this process is to identify what constitutes the best online and offline customer experiences.

Write recommendations

Based on our most promising findings, we document all the recommendations for UX and CX improvements that will help you better achieve your business goals. In addition to inspiring new services, these recommendations can be used to improve certain elements already in place in your departments.


User experience support

When is it used?

During the normal life cycle of various kinds of interactive services.


Ensure the longevity and continued effectiveness of your analog and digital interactive channels.

The interactions between you and your customers are bound to change over time. Learn how to adapt easily.

What does it involve?

By combining a variety of technology intelligence approaches, while remaining your UX and CX partner of choice, we offer a speedy and complete service to help you meet your customers’ changing needs. Staying proactive gives you a real edge in keeping your interactive services current, relevant and effective.

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