Structuring and designing

Finding ideas

At this stage of intense creativity, we generate various UX design ideas by exploring different avenues, ideas and data to create the product.



When are they used?

At the beginning of the UX design process, during the needs exploration.


Identify participants’ expectations and experiences, and generate possible solutions through group activities.

Observing our clients, explaining our future solution, and designing it, is an extremely rewarding experience that sometimes produces surprises!

What does it involve?

The workshops are about collaborative and participatory design. They are fast-paced and stimulating, and generate a large number of ideas related to the design issues at hand.

Depending on the needs of the project, we bring together several target users around a discussion topic defined by the expert-facilitator. Different facilitation techniques are used to stimulate discussion and encourage creative expression by the participants.

This approach helps lead us to identify an optimal concept based on all the ideas proposed.

UX designer sketching a wireframe



When is it used?

At the beginning of the UX design process, during the needs exploration.


Present your ideas visually and deepen your thinking.

See, understand and develop ideas quickly and inexpensively.

What does it involve?

Sketching is aimed at producing a rough design of the pages of a website or app.

It can be done by hand or using wireframing software. This design step lays the foundations for the future wireframe, without going into details. It’s a very useful communication tool to take the thinking further and fuel discussion within the client’s team.

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