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Usability audit

A solid UX experience must be constantly re-evaluated once officially online. Ongoing usability audits can help to pinpoint weaknesses in an existing structure to ensure that the experience is most likely to create delight.


Usability audit

When is it used?

Throughout the lifecycle of a digital product that is already online or in the prototype phase.


Quickly identify common user experience issues and provide instant recommendations for improving the interface.

Usability audits: a fast, targeted and efficient way to improve your performance indicators.

What does it involve?

Usability audits, also known as heuristic evaluations, are used to identify very precisely any issues or weaknesses in a digital product, based on certain usability criteria. For each issue identified, targeted improvements are proposed.

Our approach is based on recognized heuristics, including the ergonomic criteria of Bastien and Scapin and of Amélie Boucher. We also contribute our own expertise, gained from the large number of tests we have carried out to date.

An audit can be conducted several times throughout a project to validate the changes made. This helps to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Usability audit

Steps in the process


The assessment is carried out by two experts from our team. The client provides the material needed for the heuristic evaluation, which must be accessible during the exercise.

Carry out the audit

We go through all the existing interfaces using a proven usability evaluation checklist. We identify problems and prioritize them according to severity, keeping in mind the context in which the client operates.

Deliver a report

We produce a report detailing all the issues identified, and offer concrete recommendations for improvement.


Usability audits, a highly efficient approach

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